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Wales U3A is not a U3A. It is simply a Website which lists all the 55 Welsh U3As (Berwyn & District is the latest to be created) with links to their own Websites so existing and prospective U3A members can see what individual U3As have to offer. It also has lists of activities and events that may be organised by a particular U3A or a Network but are open to members of other U3As. There are also details of some events or information that are not specific to the U3A but may be of interest to U3A members.

If you are interested in an individual U3A or an event organised by a U3A please contact that U3A directly through their Website.

Throughout the Site if a word appears in blue or purple then clicking on it will link you to another Web Site, or a piece of information, or an e-mail communication screen.


Photographs, Anniversaries, Articles, Newsletters, Suggestions etc

If your U3A had an Anniversary last year or will have one this year or has done Something Special, please give me the details and I will publish it on the Web Site. If you would like me put your Newsletter on the Web Site, please send me a copy. If you have suggestions for improving the Web Site, or you would like something put on the Web Site please contact Derek Shottin and give me your ideas.


HOMEJust takes you back to the Front Page
WELCOMESummarises the Menu Bar Options and has photographs of Wales
INFORMATIONA variety of potentially useful information including Newsletters, Public Lectures, Educational, and other links, and a brief guide to some Third Age Trust publications that can be found on their Web Site.
WELSH U3AsLists all the U3As in Wales with links to their own Website if they have one. It also links to pages for The Wales Trustee and the four Welsh Networks or Associations.
GROUPSActivity Groups not specific to one U3A. Just Geology at the moment.
EVENTSU3A Conferences, Meetings, Study Days, Summer Schools, Outings, etc. Also some non U3A events that may be of interest to members of Welsh U3As such as the National Eisteddfod.
CONTACTthe Web Site Editor
U3ALinks to the Web Site of the National Organisation called the Third Age Trust

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